Building the project management software of your dreams

Did you ever try to build the project management solution of your dreams? Which tools do you use? Trac? Plone? Pyramid? Google Apps? Maybe Dropbox? Why not all of them? In this talk you will find out that it’s not so difficult in 2012.
Building the project management software of your dreams
Name Andrew Mleczko
Firma RedTurtle Technology
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Twitter @amleczko
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This talk will focus on best practices while designing and building complex Pyramid applications that integrate Pyramid with other applications such as Plone, Trac, Google Apps and more. It will show what makes Pyramid unique in the Python web framework market and how not to get lost in a variety of paths to be followed.


Andrew has been involved in the Python community since 2003. He has contributed multiple products (Plone, pyramid, collective.funkload, FormAlchemy, munin.zope and others) and has spoken at various Plone conferences and regional symposia. He has also got involved in Plone TuneUp events encouraging new developers to participate. In his current projects he is integrating Plone with Pyramid.