A Case Study

Carglass® is the No. 1 automotive glass specialist in Germany. They help more than 800.000 motorists per year to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This talk will be on the Plone based intranet used by Carglass®, along with the platform used by Belron®, the holding company of Carglass®. A Case Study
Name Matt Hamilton
Firma Netsight
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Netsight launched the original Belron® intranet based on Plone 2.5 in 2007. Since then we have launched regional intranets for Carglass® Germany, Carglass® Spain and Carglass® Belux. In 2011 the Belron® intranet was upgrade to Plone 4 and included a number of social features including microblogging, blogs, and forums. We have also developed a number of public microsites for corporate social responsibility and employee recognition. In this talk we will cover the history of the development and the related sites and features developed on top of Plone over the past four years.


Matt is the Technical Director of Netsight, based in the UK and has been involved in the Zope and Plone community since 2000. Matt is responsible for the technical consulting and training that Netsight undertakes. He was one of the inaugural directors of the Plone Foundation, and currently serving as the President of the Plone Foundation.  He was the technical consultant for various large commercial Plone intranet projects, and specialises in integration, authentication and performance optimization.