Keynote: Old Dogs and New Tricks

After 10 years of development and maintenance, any software would show signs of aging and Plone is no exception. With a lot of love from the community and a little bit of anti-wrinkle cream, this old lady still has life in her yet. This talk will cover how Plone is winning the war against aching joints through exciting new features and what innovation the doctor prescribes to stay relevant. Listeners will walk away with an arsenal of tools for building and selling their favorite CMS.
Keynote: Old Dogs and New Tricks
Name Elizabeth Leddy
Firma Freelancer
Twitter @eleddy
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Elizabeth is an independent Plone consultant working out of San Francisco, CA. She has done rapid web application development and deployment in a variety of python frameworks for 9 years in industries such as upper education, intelligence research and development, healthcare IT, and knowledge management. In addition to consulting work, she is a member of the Plone Foundation and Plone 4.X Framework Team and hosted the 2011 Plone Conference. She is best reached on twitter as @eleddy.