"…It's Like Buying a Relationship"

Software is developed and sold in many different ways. We will be looking at the relationships between the various parties and looking at what makes Plone quite unique in the CMS world. We will also take a look at Plone across the globe and see how the localisation of Plone goes beyond just the software itself to the community as a whole.
"…It's Like Buying a Relationship"
Name Matt Hamilton
Firma Netsight
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Twitter @hammertoe
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Matt is the Technical Director of Netsight, based in the UK and has been involved in the Zope and Plone community since 2000. Matt is responsible for the technical consulting and training that Netsight undertakes. He was one of the inaugural directors of the Plone Foundation, and currently serving as the President of the Plone Foundation.  He was the technical consultant for various large commercial Plone intranet projects, and specialises in integration, authentication and performance optimization.