Scalable Plone: from town-wise sites to region-wise portals and Intranets

he Public Sector includes organizations ranging from very small towns to multi-thousand employees, big enterprise-like Regions. How can Plone successfully tackle such a wide scope of challenges? We will share with the audience the answer: flexibility.
Scalable Plone: from town-wise sites to region-wise portals and Intranets
Name Massimo Azzolini
Firma RedTurtle Technology
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Twitter @massimoazzolini
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This talk will illustrate an use case showing how its flexibility and modularity allowed us to provide Plone solutions both for the little communes’ websites (supporting small communities of users) and for highly available, load-balanced, complex multi-site, multi-skin portals, that may include federated infrastructures of users. Furthermore, on the Intranet side, we could deliver a Plone Intranet serving several thousands of employees with SSO, a strong social flavour, groupware features well matching the specific needs of the diverse organizational units, and all the benefits and add-ons that Plone can provide. RedTurtle’s technical partnership with PloneGov Italia ( - we serve more than half of the member organizations) is another demonstration of Plone’s versatility.


I'm a Open Source enthusiast in every aspect. It's not about software, it's about people and skills. I contracted the opensource "virus" more than 15 years ago at the University and currently I still need to coexist with it.

In 1999 I founded RedTurtle. In the last 7 years, my interests focused on Plone. I've been a supporter of both the Plone community and his way of life, since I met it.
Curiosity killed the cat - and mine doesn't allow me to stop learning. I'm fascinated by web 2.0 (if we really want to name it..) and by the crowd potential, that's why I like social platforms. Next step will probably be mobile apps.

In RedTurtle I worked as project manager for several projects from public sector to industrial applications, I keep the company in touch with open communities in general and with Plone's in particular.